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Away Boss Teases There's Much More of Emma Green's Story to Tell

And best of all: blue sunsets

Lindsay MacDonald

It took our intrepid team of astronauts 10 episodes and about a million unexpected catastrophes, but they finally made it to Mars! Away's season finale was a tense, but ultimately rewarding, episode that could serve as a decent series finale, but executive producer Andrew Hinderaker has plenty of plans for the future. 

After safely making it down to Mars and taking a group photo together -- instead of the solo one of Yu (Vivian Wu) as requested -- the message viewers were left with as the season wrapped up was ultimately one of hope. We're pretty far away from a happy ending however, considering the mission has really only just begun. If all goes as planned, Emma (Hilary Swank) and her crew will be on Mars for over a year before heading back on a similarly dangerous trip back to Earth. 

In fact, if Netflix chooses to tell the whole story, we could be looking at at least three more seasons.

"The dream is to tell the entirety of the mission," Hinderaker told TV Guide. "It's like 8 months there, 14 months on Mars, 8 months back, and then there's going to be a year where they're back, and it's going to be so eventful. Alexis (Talitha Bateman) starts our series as a freshman, and the year that Emma would be home would be her senior year... the time period that we're interested in are those four years."

That certainly sounds like four seasons worth of story to us, though Hinderaker was quick to clarify that wasn't necessarily the case. The time periods they want to explore moving forward will matter more than a desired number of seasons or episodes.

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Personally, we're excited to see what new obstacles the mission encounters while on Mars. Spending an entire year as the first people to live on an alien planet sounds like one hell of a trip, but if their first 8 months in space were any indication, the struggle to survive isn't over yet. Based on the initial plans for Season 2, we're going to be dealing with a beautiful, if deadly, new adventure for the team.

"We were just speaking with the astronaut Don Pettit about Mars, and he was talking about the planet reminding us sunsets there are blue, and that there are two moons, and that there's a Grand Canyon on Mars. It's kind of like the one on Earth except if ours on Earth went from Arizona to New York. There are these qualities that are unbelievably, spectacularly awe-inspiring. The most stunning things that Emma has ever seen and she's seeing them not with her family on Earth, but with her family up on Mars."

Given how visually stunning Season 1 was, we're crossing our fingers for a Season 2 renewal just so we get to see those blue sunsets. 

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According to Hinderaker though, the Mars story-arc isn't the leg of the journey that he and the writing team are most excited to tell. Instead, they're crossing their fingers they get to play the story out to the end when the astronauts are safely back on Earth and readjusting to life there.

"The part that we are most excited about is when the crew returns home and what it means to be away now that you define 'home' as being on another planet," said Hinderaker. "You know, a lot of the astronauts we've talked to talk about the dislocation. They've been in space, and then they come back to Earth, and they should be so elated, [but] all they want to be is back up in space."

Away is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Hilary Swank and Ray Panthaki, Away

Hilary Swank and Ray Panthaki, Away