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Avatar: The Way of Water Blu-ray Preorders are live, Including Collector's Editions

The original Avatar is also finally getting its own 4K release

Phil Owen

With Avatar: The Way of Water pulling in more than $2 billion at the box office, director James Cameron now owns three of the top four movies of all time in global box office receipts. And with both Avatar films getting 4K Blu-ray releases in June, he's about to own your living room, too.

For those who want to own Cameron's latest visual feast and technical feats in the highest quality available, the big day is June 20. That's when the 4K and 3D Blu-ray releases for Avatar: The Way of Water arrive in stores--and it's also when you'll finally be able to get your hands on the long-awaited 4K Blu-ray release of the original Avatar film. Folks have been clamoring for that release since the dawn of the 4K format, and the moment is almost here.

That 3D Blu-ray release for Avatar: The Way of Water is fairly notable at this point--not many films that play in 3D in theaters get a home video release to match anymore. But the 3D aspect of Avatar has always been a meaningful selling point for these movies, and so this will end up as one of the few major 3D home releases of 2023.

Let's take a look at all the different Avatar releases coming on June 20.

Avatar: The Way of Water retailer-exclusive Blu-ray preorders


Three different retailers have exclusive versions of the 4K release: Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. These releases are identical in terms of special features--the differences are cosmetic, relating only to the packaging. From Best Buy, you can get a gorgeous exclusive steelbook case. From Wal-Mart, you get special lenticular 3D packaging. And Target's exclusive edition comes with a limited edition decal that you can put on your phone or laptop computer or whatever else you like putting decals on.

All three of these exclusives include a 4K Blu-ray of the film, a standard Blu-ray of the film, a bonus disc of special features, and a digital copy.

Avatar: The Way of Water 4K Blu-ray preorders


If you're not concerned with that retailer-exclusive stuff, you can grab the standard 4K release, which comes with a standard Blu-ray version of the film in addition to a packed special features disc--it's must-watch stuff considering what a technical feat the film was. There's a digital copy as well.

Avatar: The Way of Water 3D Blu-Ray Preorders


Given that 3D is such an important part of the Avatar films, it's no surprise that Avatar: The Way of Water would be one of the rare films to get a 3D home video release in 2023. The regular 4K release does not include a 3D disc--if you want 3D, you'll need this edition here. The package also includes a standard 2D Blu-ray, as well as the disc of special features, and a digital copy.

Avatar (the original film) 4K Blu-ray preorders


Alongside the physical release of Avatar: The Way of Water on June 20, we'll also finally get the first 4K Blu-ray release for the original Avatar film from 2009. This three-disc edition includes a 4K and standard Blu-ray for the film, alongside a special features disc and a digital copy code.