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Avatar: The Last Airbender Netflix Live-Action Series: Updates, Spoilers, Casting, Release Date, and More

The original creators are no longer involved

Lindsay MacDonald

If you love Nickelodeon's animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, we've got excellent news for you! Netflix is making a new live-action series, meaning you can relive the magic all over again! 

Details about the show are few and far between so far, but there are a few things we do know about the new adaptation, and we're always on the hunt for more news. Here's everything we know so far about Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series so far.

It does not have a premiere date yet. Though the project was originally announced in 2018, production still has not begun, meaning this series is still a ways off. Given the production delays caused by COVID-19, it's safe to assume the earliest we'd see this series is 2021.

The original series' creators were on board, but have since quit the project. Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko signed on as showrunners for the series back in 2018, but in August, DiMartino announced they had made the difficult decision to leave the series.

"When Bryan and I signed on to the project in 2018, we were hired as executive producers and showrunners. In a joint announcement for the series, Netflix said that it was committed to honoring our vision for this retelling and to supporting us on creating the series. And we expressed how excited we were for the opportunity to be at the helm. Unfortunately, things did not go as we planned," DiMartino wrote. "Look, things happen. Productions are challenging. Unforeseen events arise. Plans have to change. And when those things have happened at other points during my career, I try to be like an Air Nomad and adapt. I do my best to go with the flow, no matter what obstacle is put in my way. But even an Air Nomad knows when it's time to cut their losses and move on."

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It was rumored to start production in early 2020. Though the series was originally slated to go into production in 2019, there were no reports of filming getting underway. The voice actress who played Toph Bei Fong, Jessie Flower, spoke about the live-action series on Wyrd Crafts Chitchat Podcast, saying that the series would go into production in Canada in early 2020, potentially in February. Canada's forest-y locations would make for a perfect setting for many of the episodes from the original series' first book, Water, but with the outbreak of COVID-19 shutting down productions worldwide, it's unclear when the series will start filming.

The casting for the show will be just as diverse as the animated series. The failed film adaptation, The Last Airbender, got a lot of flak for whitewashing roles that were depicted with Inuit and Asian influences in the animated series. Luckily, when DiMartino and Konietzko originally announced the series, they said Netflix was determined to build a cast that was as diverse as the original animted series. "We can't wait to realize Aang's world as cinematically as we always imagined it to be, and with a culturally appropriate, non-whitewashed cast," DiMartino and Konietzko said in a statement announcing the series.

Composer Jeremy Zuckerman will return to compose the music. One of the most iconic parts of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series was its epic score. From the Agni Kai music to the epic main Avatar theme, the soundtrack for the animated series was its own work of art. There's no telling whether some of the original music will make its way into the live-action score, but the original composer Jeremy Zuckerman confirmed he's attached to the live-action series too. All we can say is we hope "Secret Tunnel" makes its way into the new version.

The animated series is now on Netflix. While we wait for this live-action adaptation, we can all enjoy rewatching the original animated series, which dropped on Netflix in May of 2020. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender concept art

Avatar: The Last Airbender concept art

John Staub