Michael Urie, Becki Newton and Christopher Gorham by Jordan Strauss/ WireImage.com Michael Urie, Becki Newton and Christopher Gorham by Jordan Strauss/ WireImage.com

Stars were all about support at the annual GLAAD Awards, which honor fair portrayal of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in the media. "I didn't let a straight person near me tonight," joked Kathy Griffin before asking her mother onstage to name the most gay person she could think of. "Is Ryan Seacrest here?" asked 87-year-old Maggie Griffin, as the audience roared with laughter and approval.

The merry red carpet was like a who's who of television, with Ellen Degeneres, Becky Newton, Sally Field, Jennifer Beals and more zipping by. We stopped Ugly Betty's Christopher Gorham to chat about the rest of the season, and he elaborated on what Ausiello reported last week. "The show is going to be better than ever towards the end of season two," he says. "A lot of us felt that there was a lot going on in season two, so many of those storylines are being wrapped up and the show is going to re-focus back on Betty." Gorham speculates the change towards a more Betty-centric show could be the reason costar Rebecca Romijn will go from regular to recurring. "My suspicion is that there are so many characters on this show and it's in the theme of refocusing back on Betty. That's all I can think of. She does an amazing job on this show so I'm sad that she's not going to be around all the time."

Brothers & Sisters took home the award for Outstanding Drama for the second year in a row and Matthew Rhys shared his thought of the honor with TV Guide. "I try not make too much of it because I think the less we make of it the more accepted it is and the better it is for everyone. I think it's just part of a great evolutionary pattern that we're on a network show dealing with gay themes." When we asked how his castmate, Rob Lowe, is doing in regards to the nanny debacle, Rhys shrugged. "I think he's doing fine. The honest answer is I never see Rob. He's always with Calista, never with anyone else. I know he has all our support." The Walkers wouldn't have it any other way. - Carita Rizzo