Canadian-born cutie Shawn Ashmore is best known as Iceman in the X-Men film franchise. But the 25-year-old chiller is also rumored to be a contender for the Jimmy Olsen role in Superman Returns. His chances look good, since the movie's been taken over by Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and X2. Talk about having friends in high places!

"There are rumors, rumors, rumors but there is nothing [firm]," Ashmore insists. "I am always the last to know about these things. But nothing's solid, so we'll just wait and see."

While he's sketchy on Superman details, Ashmore does confirm that Iceman's on board for the next X-Men installment, whenever that happens. "I am signed to do the third film," he says, "but I have no idea what the script is like, who the director is or when they are going to start. It is all up in the air.

"I really want to continue the Pyro/Iceman rivalry," he adds hopefully. "I think there is a great opportunity for a battle between the two elements. I also like the relationship with Rogue's character. It is not a typical teenage love story. There is a lot going against them. They are in a relationship that they can't just rush into, and they want to so badly. The tension is just there."

Meanwhile, Ashmore can currently be seen in Sci Fi Channel's miniseries Legend of Earthsea (the conclusion airs tonight at 9 pm/ET). The fantastic realm in this adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin's novels reminds us a lot of Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth. "I think there's always going to be comparisons," he sighs. "In the genre of fantasy, there are cloaked characters and magic and it is all a part of the same world.

"But I think that Lord of the Rings is a good thing for us," he continues. "It opened the door for the genre to tell other stories, and LeGuin's stories are very different from [Rings author] Tolkein's. There will be comparisons made, but the core of the story is different and my character Ged's journey is far different than Frodo's. I think once people watch it, they'll distinguish the two."