Question: I am an art teacher and I am interested in knowing if there is a book or other material available containing examples of the many sun variations done on CBS's Sunday Morning over the years. It would be a great help in teaching radial designs to children. Thank you.

Answer: Sorry, Susan, but according to CBS they can't publish such a collection (and plenty of people have asked) because they don't own the rights to most of the suns they use. Many of the funky solar images you see on the show come from producers who happen upon items at flea markets or in museums, but many others are created by local artists and fans of the show. Either way, they're not for the network to use beyond what you see each week.

I was going to suggest you contact the engineers at Goodyear for help in radial design, but it's just that kind of crack that got my ears boxed and knuckles thwacked in grade school. So the best real suggestion I can offer (and I'm sure you thought of this yourself, so I'm not really being all that helpful) is to keep your thumb poised over the VCR remote every Sunday and build your own video collection.