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Arrow: Is It Time for Oliver & Felicity to Have a Baby?

Let's start brainstorming Olicity baby names

Lindsay MacDonald

Ever since we first saw Oliver (Stephen Amell) gazing lovingly (and a little longingly) at Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) coo over baby Sara, fans have wondered whether a similar scene with her own kid would be somewhere in Olicity's future. Recently, we've been wondering if Arrow might be closer delivering an Olicity baby than anyone realized.

To say this season has honed in on the theme of parenthood would be kind of an understatement. From Oliver's new relationship with his son William (Jack Moore) to Quentin's (Paul Blackthorne) tumultuous game of cat and mouse with Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) and even Cayden James' (Michael Emerson) mission to avenge his son, Season 6 has been all about family and fathers.

Recently though, we've been noticing someone else getting in on the parenting action.

Oliver's been rocking daddy duty like a pro, but as it turns out, Felicity is kind of the unexpected MVP of step-motherhood this season. Her bond with William was slow to start -- which was a great move on her part, give the boy some space -- but ever since she first started taking on her duties as stepmother, she's been hitting it out of the park.

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Math homework getting you down? Felicity and her super brain are here for you. Dad out of town for the weekend? Sounds like it's ice cream for dinner! Angry your vigilante parents lied to you about their nightly escapades? Felicity's here to show you just how cool (and accidentally violent) that work is and why you've got to trust your loved ones to come home safe every night.

It's surprising since neither of them had great parents to begin with, but Oliver and Felicity have taken pretty well to the whole parenting thing. It almost begs the question... are more kids in their future? And if so, when?

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, Arrow

Jack Rowand, Jack Rowand/The CW

Pregnancy storylines on genre and action-based shows are always dicey. Babies are great plot devices for family-driven shows, but when your weekly storylines center on kicking butt and fighting bad guys, a big belly tends to get in the way. (For Arrow though, that would be less of an issue given Felicity's home base is in the bunker instead of out in the field.)

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Arrow doesn't necessarily need a baby right now, but let's not forget the show is getting up in years. CW shows tend to venture into baby territory once they reach Seasons 6 or 7 to help segue characters from young adult to actual adult, and just to mix it up story-wise. It wouldn't be the craziest idea to think Arrow might pull the same move.

The most persuasive argument of all though, is that both Oliver and Felicity feel like they're in the right place to start family planning. They've finally said, "I do" after years of dodging, and they've reached almost every other couple milestone along the way. Now that they're refining their parenting abilities on an angsty teen, Oliver and Felicity might want to try their luck at the baby and toddler years.

Let's just hope they find a good place in the Arrow Cave for the baby gate.

Arrow returns March 1 at 9/8c on The CW.

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