Arrested Development
Poor Michael. What keeps him going in this futile mission to keep his family together? And what makes him think they need his help? Without his meddling, they always seem to come together while following their selfish pursuits. Lindsey and Tobias are reunited as his vanity-pleasing, deadly hair plugs have given her a new cause célèb, graft versus host, for which to hold benefits and attract sympathy and even Gob got to show off the magic of home-video editing at the gala. (Gob: "It sounds like a tennis match between Stephi Graff and

Happy Days star Donnie Host." Narrator Ron Howard: "It's Most.") Though he meant for his pet turtle to make Lucille jealous, Buster reconnected with his "uncle-father" Oscar instead thanks to the turtle's unfortunate demise after eating Oscar's [insert every marijuana nickname Ron Howard could utter in a half hour]. Lucille and George Sr. were partners in the plan to break him out, though their motivations differed. And Maeby, as usual, was able to turn her selfish laziness into a job for George-Michael. So again, poor Michael was left out. And left imagining the horror of his mom seducing/being seduced by James Lipton ("who is the 'her' in that sentence?"). He finally joined forces with his brother Gob in a brief Prison Break spoofing prison break-in, featuring a plan of the grounds drawn on Gob's stomach. ("That was a freebie.") My favorite old joke of the night came in the first minute: George-Michael startling his guitar-struggling dad with that wood block.  Sabrina Rojas Weiss