Arrested Development Disclaimer: It's hard enough to comment on four episodes of a show that requires multiple viewings to catch every subtle joke; then add in the factor that I'm in mourning here. We haven't heard anything about the potential Showtime deal in weeks. Meanwhile, Fox is stabbing me in the heart with all these "season" finale promos. So, yeah, I'm going to miss some stuff, but please write in and maybe I'll add them in by the end of the day.

"Faking It": Honestly, the convoluted details of the case have taxed my short attention span, so I was relieved we'd be treated to the simplicity of the fake trial on "Judge Reinhold." The "My Name Is Judge" talking ads, spoofing on the ubiquitous Earl ads of last fall, marked the night's first jab at other networks and shows. Gob was on the ball, catching Michael when he lectured "I'm not going to turn this mock trial into some kind of..." mockery. Loved Franklin's "George Bush doesn't care about black people" shirt, too (Oops, I meant "puppets"!). A little too stuntlike: William Hung and the Hung jury. Michael Cera was at his brilliant best, not at all hiding George Michael's delight at the prospect of the mock wedding to Maeby. Buster's "light-to-no" coma meant too little of him in the episode, but it was great to see Lindsay and Tobias eking out more screen time, with Tobias' literal closet full of "Beefcake" magazines.

"Family Ties": Hehe. Get it? 'Cause it guest-stars Justine Bateman? Michael's Nichael theory was a little weak, but this new secret-sister idea was one of those that always leads him into trouble and we were so cleverly reminded of his penchant for doing that with the "Mr. F." theme music. Lucille deflected talk of Nellie with a new running gag, calling Tobias a "nelly." "Isn't it fun to talk like this?" she said with wicked glee. (By the way, I stopped and replayed the scene of her gold necklace flying into the giant magnet four times.) They also all kept nonsensically saying, "Well excuse me, Judge Reinhold," to Michael. As for this Nellie, the prostitute/sister pimped out to the whole office, it's too bad she isn't a member of the family; she even had a better work ethic than Michael himself.

"I'd be more attracted to you if you were in better shape... more muscular and masculine," Lindsay admitted to Tobias, who agreed that such traits would help her, too. And George Michael tried to get his new wife Maeby to hang out and watch "Reference to off-network high-school private-eye drama censored by Fox," which is a rather catchy way to plug Veronica Mars.

"Exit Strategy": Yet another joke at the expense of more successful shows: Tobias was convinced "The Prosecution" was a CBS procedural. Love the scrapbooking entrapment and the fact that only Martha Stewart had ever seen through it. Buster's little comatose romance with the nurse gave us this perfect line: "Who ever said vegetables were good for your heart?"

Not only did the fake Saddam Hussein live in the same model home in the same kind of desert as the Bluths, but they apparently got themselves into a "you've got the wrong twin" situation, too. One left-field reference to past episodes: The CIA guy told the brothers they'd be eating ice-cream sandwiches in jail, just like George Sr.'s favorite prison vice. Then I got plot whiplash when all of the family's problems were wrapped up in a flash: The whole thing was a bad plot hatched by the CIA. Ta-dah!

"Development Arrested": Am I the only one who got choked up seeing the "Mount Up, Pardners" sign on the boat? They actually bought a new sign for this occasion! So what else can I say about it? George Michael finally got to tell his dad about his crush on Maeby. Stan Sitwell further confused the difference between an alpaca and alopecia. Then he revealed that Lindsay is actually adopted and, worse, three years older than she'd thought. At the party celebrating the company's upgrade to "Risky" on Mad Money, a guy dressed up as Tom Cruise from Risky Business promptly got in an accident because of the dark sunglasses. Gob revealed he'd been dating Ann... her? Anyong returned, revealing that his real name is Hello, and he was avenging the theft of his grandfather's frozen-banana idea. The Hot Cops strippers returned as sailors. Buster admitted to kind of liking Skating with Celebrities, which currently occupies AD's slot on Monday nights. Michael and son finally got to escape the family, or so they thought. And Maeby pitched the idea of the show to Ron Howard, who got the last laugh: "I don't see it as a series, maybe a movie." Gob, can I borrow a Forget-Me-Now or two?