Arrested Development Blame vacation hangover, but I'm betting I missed about half of the references to AD 's imminent cancellation or (please!) move to another network, and the not-desperate ratings stunts they cribbed from other shows. Of course, I don't even have to say this, but please write in with what I've left out. There was the promise before the credits that someone would die and that the show would be live, the 3-D tomato toss and the flashing So as not to break the third wall, that thinly veiled plot about raising money for a new attorney opened the door for the Bluths to beg for their survival, and to discuss whether they'd received help from the Home Builders' Organization (HBO, for those of you not yet over those hangovers) or if they'd have to rely on "showtime," and, of course, the special guest appearance of Andy Richter

whose own show was another casualty of Fox's poor treatment of comedies at their fund-raiser. Loved Michael's observation that "This family is finally becoming sympathetic and relatable that's what people want to see." It was such a perfect dig at the traditional sitcoms that somehow succeed so easily. But Ron Howard's completely undisguised comments were my favorites: "Now that's a clear situation with the promise of comedy," he said of the catering disaster. "Tell your friends about this show!" And in subplot news, how completely amazing is Michael Cera as George Michael? Between his nervous cleaning-up after Lindsay and his performance at Openings, he had me writhing in embarrassed amusement as usual. Take that, sympathetic and relatable!