Jason Bateman, <EM>Arrested Development</EM> Jason Bateman, Arrested Development
Arrested Development
Whatever George Sr. is up to with that Colombian deal, it's made some enjoyable mischief. What a relief to see Michael get so easily ruffled out of his holier/better-businessman-than-thou attitude by Gob. That's the thing about siblings: No matter how grown-up you are, it takes next to nothing to make you revert to your childhood arguments. Excellent use of the slide-show montage for their banana battle, which was "less entertaining than you would imagine, no matter what kind of music you put under it." Except "Yellow Submarine," but who can afford that? (The substitute "Yellow Boat" song during the fake kidnapping also worked quite nicely.) I'm sure they could get more mileage out of Gob's "It Ain't Easy Being White" tape, if they really want a good soundtrack. Everyone got good mileage out of one-armed J. Walter Weatherman (or, as Buster called him, "the man who scared us as children and one time as an adult") even those poorly treated Guatemalan painters/actors. I didn't anticipate Michael's fake fall over the balcony (good reaction shot of George Sr.), but Buster's hand-switching trick topped them all. And that's why you never watch this show without the magic of DVR instant-replay. The running joke about the "O.C." "Don't call it that!" was a random, yet still funny, jab at the fellow Fox show. Kind of like the "geeky Simpsons

writers" dig subtly featured in the Season 2 episode, which reran after this one tonight. In the B-story of Lindsey and Tobias' divorce, Tobias' oblivious line of the night produced a big guffaw from me: "Bob Loblaw's law blog. You, sir, are a mouthful!" I do wish that Maeby's stories would be more integrated into the rest. I kind of feel like her parents whenever something comes up about her movie work: "Who?"