Drew Van Acker, Lucy Hale Drew Van Acker, Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars' Aria thought she had enough problems after being kissed by Jason. Turns out he's gone from admirer to stalker as Emily tells Aria about her and Spencer's recent discovery.

"Jason had pictures of you, creepy pictures of you," Emily explains in the clip below. "Spencer and I found a darkroom in his woodshed. He developed photographs of you sleeping — sleeping or drugged."

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In last week's episode, Aria (Lucy Hale) had some, ahem, enlightening dreams about her hot yet shady neighbor Jason (Drew van Acker). But after he made a move, Aria shut down his advances, explaining she's already involved with someone.

"I'm officially terrified," Aria tells Emily after realizing the full extent of Jason's crush.

Do you think Jason was involved in his sister Alison's murder?

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