There were some funny moments on the Today show this morning as American Idol champ Kelly Clarkson "accidentally" remarked that her relationship with runner-up Justin Guarini may not be strictly platonic. When a fan asked Clarkson if she was dating Guarini, she replied: "We're just friends. Nothing like that... yet." After realizing what she implied, the Texas resident — who was seated next to Guarini — blushed and retracted the comment. Proving that she might very well be the next Mariah Carey, Clarkson blamed the slip-of-the-tongue on, um, exhaustion. In related American Idol news, ratings for Wednesday's finale were big — Justin's hair big. The swan song attracted a series high 22.5 million viewers — the show's largest audience ever. Even more staggering: Nielsen estimates that nearly one in three adults aged 18-49 watched the two-hour event.