The Midnight Society has convened a bit early, as the first episode of Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? reboot has premiered online a day before its network debut. The new adaptation of the spooky kids anthology series consists of three episodes, the first of which will air on Nick this Friday — but the full episode is now available early on YouTube.

The new take on the story is meant to satisfy new and younger audiences as well as now-grown fans of the original, with nostalgic homages galore, including a new title sequence that incorporates several elements of the original intro. The three episodes will center on the new members of the Midnight Society as newcomer Rachel's (Lyliana Wray) story comes to life and brings her and her new friends into the Carnival of Doom, an event presided over by the man of her nightmares, Mr. Tophat (Rafael Casal). So yes, instead of just telling their creepy tales over a campfire in the woods, these kids become part of the story as the miniseries moves forward.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? also stars Jeremy Ray Taylor, Miya Cech, Sam Ashe Arnold, and Tamara Smart.

For those holding out for the on-air premiere, Are You Afraid of the Dark? debuts Friday, Oct. 11 at 7/6c on Nickelodeon.

Parts two and three follow on Friday, Oct. 18 and Friday, Oct. 25 at 7/6c.

<em>Are You Afraid of the Dark?</em>Are You Afraid of the Dark?