During the Domino's task on last week's Apprentice, Stephanie Myers delivered pizza to save face, but ultimately failed to deliver as Net Worth's project manager. In the midst of hustling off to Brooklyn via the New York City subway and refereeing the Chris and Alex fracas, she didn't have time to properly market the Meatball Masterpiece. In the end, Donald Trump fired the 29-year-old California chick. TVGuide.com caught up with Steph at a Manhattan Domino's, where she was judging their "Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts" charity competition, to get to the meat of the matter.

TVGuide.com: How do you feel about your TV portrayal?
Stephanie Myers:
I am a little different than the other previously fired [Apprenti]. I have no regrets. I am business-savvy, all about integrity and I am not going to be someone I am not. I think I did great.

TVG: Why'd you go all the way to Brooklyn just to deliver a few pizzas?
A customer is a customer and a promise is a promise. You can't put a price on a reputation, and I'm not going to jeopardize [the] Domino's reputation. I'm going to uphold it and make it even better.

TVG: Did you ever criticize Chris or Alex for selling pizzas to construction workers in the outer boroughs in the first place?
Initially, when we went to the Domino's kitchen, Alex's marketing strategy was, "Hey, let's pre-sell all the pizzas so the next day we can just make them and deliver them." Well, it was Election Day, and a lot of the construction workers around here are union and have the day off, so it backfired. Those construction workers that were working weren't union. If I did not deliver those pizzas to those workers, I would not have been OK with myself.

TVG: Couldn't you have taken a cab? It would've been faster.
I was not allowed to take a cab. There are rules. And it had to be somebody from our team that delivered [the pizza]. I couldn't have even hire somebody to take it. [I had to] do it and apologize. When I delivered those pizzas to those workers in Brooklyn, we were already about two hours late.

TVG: Did they appreciate it?
They were grateful, they were happy, they were pleasant, they were nice. It was a great experience. Nothing but good things can come of this. I met with Mr. Trump on [Friday] morning. Everything is positive. I even saw some of the executives who report to him. [They] said, "You shouldn't have been fired!" But what are you going to do? It is what it is. It was a great learning experience and I don't regret anything. Who knows? Maybe I could be a Domino's spokesperson.

TVG: Do you actually eat pizza?
I do. It is my favorite food in the whole world.

TVG: What's your favorite kind?
[Domino's] American Classic Cheeseburger Pizza! I just tried it this morning.

TVG: Um, before that?
[Smiles] I used to like just cheese. Very simplistic. But I eat pizza all the time. On this task, we ate it all the time.

TVG: Do you think Alex overdramatized his fight with Chris when he was telling you about it?
I don't think Alex overplayed it. He was shocked that a fellow colleague could treat [him that] way. The original Magna team [was] respectful and kept our integrity intact. The original Net Worth obviously did not, as we have seen.

TVG: Did you personally have any bad encounters with Chris?
Chris yells, but I ignore him and look the other way. They didn't show it on TV, but there were times that he would follow me into my bedroom and just keep yelling. I was like, "Get out of here. You are 21! Leave me alone. Go worry about something else." He likes to be heard.

TVG: At least you got an up-close and personal view of Gene Simmons' tongue.
[Laughs] Yes, I did!

TVG: What was that like?
Gene Simmons was great. I still talk to him to this day. We built a great relationship. I just knew that there was no way in heck I could go home and not have seen the tongue. So that in itself was an experience.