The Apprentice
Mark Burnett

's grand experiment in product placement continues with the mother of all items needing a boost in the public-consciousness department. Seriously, folks, those Revenge of the Sith

DVDs ain't gonna sell themselves. The teams square off on a Star Wars-themed task, and the project manager round-robin begins: Since exempt Randal's forced to keep his inner Jedi on the bench for Excel, Brian reluctantly steps up to the challenge. Over at Capital Edge, an oh-so-bitter Clay commandeers the reigns from his team, although it must be said that last week's project manager Adam begged, "I personally do not want to be PM on this task." So wait, this kid doesn't know anything about sex or Star Wars? I'm so confused. With their fearless(ish) leaders in place, the teams head out to meet with execs from Lucasfilm and Best Buy. Or at least, Capital Edge does. Excel sits in traffic so long, I'm pretty well convinced that Rebecca could have hobbled to the meeting faster on her crutches. It's a fatal mistake, as without the seemingly commonsense advice to include Darth Vader prominently in the display, Excel can do nothing but roll over and watch Capital Edge run away with another one. Speaking of which, you know what's a better reward than spending "quality time with Bill Rancic"? Um, tube socks? A roll of postage stamps? Perhaps some sort of pudding cup? Maybe the teams should take a cue from the world of brides-and-babies and start a registry. Breakfast with the Donald? Check. Helicopter ride over Manhattan? Check. Foot massage from Kelly Perdew? Nope, sorry, we didn't register for that.

But wait, we're not done. Double-elimination time! Buh-bye, Brian. Sayonara, my pick to win, Marshawn. Well, it's no quadruple-whammy, but that'll do, Trump. That'll do.