The Apprentice
Early on, it looked to me like Synergy was cruisin' for a bruisin' in the cruise-ship-commercial challenge. Andrea clearly can't "play in the sandbox," as

Roxanne put it. She was all offended by Roxanne's comments about her in the previous boardroom, and then she accuses Roxanne of not being able to handle someone being direct. Isn't that kind of a pot/kettle thing? (On a side note, Andrea's supposed to be a multimillionaire, yet shes identified as a "Sticker Co. Owner." Does this make sense? That seems like a helluva lot of stickers.) I was glad when the Real Roxanne stood up for herself and demanded a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but I was also pretty sure her team was going to lose. That Synergy ad looked a little weak to me. Then again, how was I to know that Dan, the twitchiest auteur since Tarantino, was going to run with Lenny's half-baked castaway concept and then compound the Gold Rush pain with Tarek's all-text idea? Somebody needs to tell Mensa-boy that these are talkies. Oh, that's right, Lenny did. Dan also needed to delegate better, as we learned from Charmaine in, as far as I know, The Apprentice's first trip to the ladies' room. (On another side note, did anyone else think "freestyle cruising" sounded a little dirty?)

In the end, Roxanne and her team were crowned champions, literally. Their trip to the tiara-filled diamond vault was certainly more fun than Gold Rush's visit to the boardroom. Dan was all done when he didn't take Lenny back for a second visit. I never understand when these contestants dont listen to the Donald. He always tells them whom he's gunning for. And, Trump had his sites set on Lenny and Tarek, not Lee. The result was predictable. Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling... you a cab. Jon McDaid

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