The Apprentice

Donald, Donald, Donald, what are you doing? You gotta plan ahead, big guy. Sure, these double-elimination boardrooms are a hoot. Sure, you manage to blindside me with them every time. And sure,

Felisha's pink slip was loooong overdue. But as much fun as this week's one-two punch was, I'm pretty sure you didn't think this Alla thing through. The steely cool gaze, the Ivana-esque accent, the ex-stripper factor I was really looking forward to seeing those qualities in full force during the whole CEO interviewpalooza that usually narrows the field from three to two. I can only hope Her Fierceness follows in the footsteps of that other Unmanageable One, the almighty Omarosa, if and when she comes back next week to lend a hand in the final task. Because while I'm happy to see the well-qualified, well-matched and well-mannered Randal and Rebecca duke it out for the big prize, those two are hardly the types to bring big drama to the table. Seriously, the most emotion we've seen out of either of them all season was an adorable "I got to see my wife!" from Randal during the yachting reward; Rebecca, meanwhile, barely seemed to recognize her boyfriend, let alone act excited to see him. Bottom line: We're gonna need external forces, and lots of 'em, to pump life into this last showdown. In nonboardroom news, was anybody else thoroughly skeeved out watching Trump whisper sweet, chicken parm-related nothings into the phone during his afternoon limo call to wife Melania? "OK, I'll get you some spaghetti, babe. You are so lucky to be married to me." When did this guy actually become the Darrell Hammond version of himself? Disconcerting? Yes. Entertaining? Absolutely.