It has become apparent that the injuries folks sustained from Hurricane Eve were, in a word, atypical. Not the usual cuts and scrapes from shattering windows, not the common cold and not even hypothermia (despite the fact that Russells ex-wife awoke naked in the middle of a swamp). But a few folks, including Dave, who suffered an "alligator" bite last week, became extremely nervous after seeing a spike protruding from a man's skull. (These are the same spikes we saw last week on the mysterious bodies, which have now vanished from their safe hiding place).

My hang-up, and my first rant (since the show is superb), is this simple thing: Mariels naked delirium last week. This seriously threw me off. She's not just a doctor, she's the hospital chief of staff! Why would she be released without a thorough examination? I already know the naked wonder is a Stepford Wife, and this week her husband appeared more in cahoots with the invaders than ever. (Has he transitioned to something nonhuman yet? Or is he naturally inhuman?) Vanessa Rothschild

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