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In Season 3 of HBO's addictive therapy drama In Treatment (9/8c, HBO), Gabriel Byrne's troubled shrink, Dr. Paul Weston, is spilling his guts to a new doc played by Amy Ryan. We booked a session with the Oscar nominee.

TV Guide Magazine: In the first episode, Paul left your character Adele's office intending not to come back. What changed?
Ryan: She clocked him with a few truths that he might not want to really look at, and I think that stopped him in his tracks — that's [also] what gets him to come back.

TV Guide Magazine: As an actor, what's it like to just sit and listen?
Ryan: To keep it active and interesting is not that easy to do. And the reality of sitting in a chair for 12 hours is that it hurts your ass.

TV Guide Magazine: At least you get to listen to Gabriel Byrne!
Ryan: Yeah, it makes it a little easier.

TV Guide Magazine: In December, you return to The Office as Holly, the love of Michael Scott's life.
Ryan: Toby is on jury duty, so she's there to fill in for him, but her boyfriend is still very much in the picture.

TV Guide Magazine: That won't keep Michael from trying...
Ryan: Yeah, he tries.

TV Guide Magazine: Is there a happily ever after?
Ryan: I hope so, but I don't know. We're about to do a table read for the third episode I'm in, and so far Michael's not happy.

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