Amy Brenneman by Gregg DeGuire/ Amy Brenneman by Gregg DeGuire/

While the rest of the world swooned over Hollywood's finest on TV, five women attending the Dove Oscars Viewing party on Sunday could barely contain their excitement over meeting Private Practice's Amy Brenneman. "She is amazing," gushed Celeste Wouden, winner of the Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash Ad Contest, after being interviewed by Brenneman about her victory.

Brenneman, who hosted the competition that inspired women to define everyday luxury, is now preparing her return to work. Although there won't be more episodes airing this spring, she thinks giving the writers a little more time is a good thing. "I see so clearly in doing a show with an ensemble that the more time you have to really create the arcs the better; so the longer they have, the more airtight the scripts will be. You're working on the fly because that's just the nature of the beast. I miss my friends but I'm happy that the writers have time to figure out what the next plan is."

And everyone in the Brenneman household seems happy the strike is over: "My daughter did say the other day, 'Mommy, you need to work.' I was like, 'Oh wow. I guess I'm driving you nuts.'" - Carita Rizzo