America's Next Top Model The "Cycle 6" contestants have been doing their homework: They came prepared with a walk and a sob story, and burst into the audition room screaming with fake enthusiasm. (Calling Jay Manuel your boyfriend? That's taking it a little far.) Right off the bat, you knew racist, uber-Republican, "my life is perfect"

Dani was going to grab camera time and start some fights. It's a good thing she didn't really photograph well, or she'd have some death threats waiting for her back home. You want to talk about perfect lives? Sara just graduated from Georgetown and was minding her own business in the mall when she caught the eye of an ANTM scout. Of the sob stories, Nnenna is quite a contender, even if you never imagined that being called the love child of Eddie Murphy and Iman would be a good thing. I'm not quite convinced that Wendy's there because of her potential and not because she's a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Then again, the fashion world might love that damaged-alien vibe she's got. Former sex-phone operator Furonda is going to have to convince me further of her talent, too. I'm liking "regal" Danielle and Angelina-tattoo-stealing Leslie. Jury's still out on Brooke and her chin. I'm looking forward to the unfolding identity crisis of "I love/hate Asian men" Gina. Something tells me overconfident "biracial butterfly" Jade's going to become Tyra's psychological project, too. Preacher's daughter/amateur stripper Joanie seems rather well adjusted, and I'm wondering who changed all her singles to the hundred-dollar bill she was waving around to any girl who'd walk naked around the pool. When Jay dropped the bomb about going bald, I'm surprised anyone batted an eye. Don't they know the real makeovers don't come until Episode 2 or 3? But these bald caps were quite an innovative way to see just how well the wannabes could manipulate their facial expressions. And while Kathy was really funny before the shoot, licking the mannequins and saying she looked like a penis with ears, she just couldn't make that cuteness work for her in the photo.