America's Next Top ModelCan I use this entire space to quote Miss J? No? OK, well, just my favorites then.

About Kyle: "She needs some sissification.... Get some sissies to turn it out!"
To Kim: "[We wanted you to] make the chiffon go shhhwissssh and the taffeta go scrunchscrunchscrunchscrunchscrunch."
About Nicole: "The eyes go through me like a bag of prunes."

She is much-needed lightheartedness after weeks of hearing the girls complain about how much pressure they're under. This is seriously the most stressed-out cycle yet. Tyra, send them on their trip already, like Nicole so subtly hinted. And please leave Jayla behind. She photographs well, but her cattiness is so mean, it's not even entertaining. And that's saying a lot, coming from me. The fact that they all looked like pros in the black-and-whites Tyra directed and the way they performed so well at their go-sees covered in mud seems to prove that if they have a chance to unwind, all of these weird psychological flaws the judges see can melt away. The Vargas Girls shoot was a nice reference to the history of this profession, though I wonder what Jay meant when he said Tyra was a master of walking the line between sleazy and sexy? So all this time Kim just needed a wig to solve this femininity (aka sissification) problem? It's a bad sign that Nigel called her "Tim" anyway. Too bad a costume couldn't help Kyle fix the vacant stare that so turned off the judges. And Bre, you'll be packing soon, but once you get home, enroll in some acting classes. I see a future in TV for you. By the way, did they ever say whose car ad would make it into print? Oh well, can't freakin' wait for my Wild Boys to crash this estrogenfest next week! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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Veronica Mars
Wow. A Wallace-centric episode and Percy Daggs III certainly didnt disappoint. The usual comic-relief sidekick got a chance to show off his acting range with the deeply angry emotions of his mother's betrayal. And he got to show off his vocal range by singing Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Hes actually got a pretty decent voice. But his assessment of his one-way relationship with Veronica was painful and a little bit true. The hurt in his voice when he told his best friend that Its your world, we just live in it was palpable and brutally honest. Thankfully, his loyal pal came to her senses and didnt try and get payback against annoying Jackie, out of respect for Wallace. When the be-yatch Jackie showed up at the homecoming dance with Logan, the pint-size detective spun out of control with emotion over the fact that this woman would hurt her friend Wallace. Too bad Jackie was the one with the words that stabbed like a knife about Veronica wanting every man to find her the center of attention. I think Jackie was way off base. If Veronica wanted a guy who was singularly devoted to her, she could get random dude Douglas, who nominated her for homecoming court by announcing that Shes badass, shes smokin hot and overall nice to come home to. I just hope that Wallace and Veronica are able to reconcile and reconnect before that kinda-shady dude who is his biological dad takes him way far out of Neptune, or Veronica gets grounded for life by her da d for bugging the sheriffs office. I wouldnt blame Keith if he did ground her; with his chances at regaining his public office dwindling and his girlfriend pretty much ditching him for being a snoop (hello hes a detective it comes with the territory), he might need some constant comfort from his adoring daughter. And was Logan the boyfriend that Lilly wanted Veronica to stay away from? Or was it Weevil? Or even Mr. Echolls? Its hard to tell, and while I dont really want to speak ill of the dead, Lilly kinda got around. I mean Veronica saw Lillys ghost right before the bus crash and moments before she spotted Weevil at the gas station. So did Weevil have something to do with the crash? Or it could still be Logan who skipped out on the field trip for a booty call it might seriously cause me pain if it is either of them. Lets hope it was just sleazy Aaron Echolls paying someone from prison to off the girl who helped put him behind bars, but that just seems too obvious.

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