Erika Van Pelt, Ryan Seacrest Erika Van Pelt, Ryan Seacrest

Season 11 of American Idol has become all about the moments that make a contestant stand out from the crowd. As the judges have awarded select Idol hopefuls with standing ovations, Jennifer Lopez has become the show's authority on whether or not a performance was "a moment" or not.

For eliminated contestant Erika Van Pelt, not giving Lopez "gooseys" over the past few weeks felt like a determining factor as she faced the end of her run. "I never had my moment," she told reporters after the show. "I knew I would be in the bottom three. I would've had to have had a super-standout crazy performance to get saved by the voters and I didn't. It was a good performance, but sometimes America needs to see that standing ovation from the judges."

After landing in the bottom trio for three weeks in a row, the 26-year-old admitted she was realistic about her long-term chances in the competition.

"America never voted me into the top anything," she said. "I got saved once by Randy in the wild card [round], and every consecutive week after that, I got sent to the bottom. I was getting horribly uncomfortable being in that chair every week. Those stools are so uncomfortable!"

After the show, all three judges consoled Van Pelt on stage, taking their time to reassure the Rhode Island DJ that she would land on her feet. "It's funny, because Steven [Tyler] actually said to me, 'Now you get to do what I do.' I was like, 'What's that? Judge people and crush their dreams?'" joked Van Pelt. "He's like, 'Go on tour, man.'"

After catching up on some sleep, gearing up for summer is exactly what Van Pelt is going to do. And if you think her transformation was dramatic on the show, just wait for the American Idol Top 10 tour. "It's going to be amazing," she said. "Buy your tickets now, as there are more hair surprises coming from EVP! You will have to wait till after the finale to see it, but it's coming!"

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