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American Idol Last week Becky went back to the pages of

Maxim, and Stevie? Nixed. The top 10 were a bit disappointing tonight. The ladies made some bad song choices, and almost every one of them attempted to sing too low for her range. Katharine combined both mistakes by kicking things off with Stevie Wonder's "All in Love Is Fair." How many times have I asked you people to please leave Stevie Wonder alone? Katharine was much more impressive last week, so hopefully she'll wow us again. Two people who may not have that chance are Brenna and Heather. Heather, there is a reason nobody has performed Mariah Carey's "Hero" on American Idol. The woman's voice goes from gutter growl to dog whistle at the speed of light; nobody can do what Mimi does. Nice gratuitous name-dropping by the way, Randy Jackson. I'd love to see him try to tell Mariah she sounded "pitchy." And it was not a promising sign for Brenna when she started "Last Dance" with the verse "When I'm bad, I'm oh so bad." She clearly went to the Scott Savol charm school. I'm not sure if Lisa Tucker and Paris Bennett can win with these judges. Even though they got semislammed for sounding "old," I think if they sang age-appropriate tunes, they'd have the judges telling them to get out of their comfort zones. Plus, Lisa's song was originally done by a kid. Country songs were all the rage, with Melissa, Kinnik and Mandisa all taking on the genre. Plus Kellie "aw, shucks" Underwood oops, I mean Pickler, sounded very country singing Bonnie Raitt. How sheltered do you have to be not to know about calamari? Though Kinnik looked cute in the cowboy hat, Mandisa definitely had the best night of all the girls. Overachiever and resident tomboy Ayla also had a good night, and it was satisfying to see hard work pay off for her. Was anyone else freaked out that the best judge comments came from Paula Abdul? I guess trading spots with Randy switched on something in her head. But I'm sure she'll be back to, um, normal, for the next show. Ken McGilvray   

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