Tyra Banks, <EM>America's Next Top Model</EM> Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model
American Idol
I much prefer Gedeon's singing to his odd speaking voice. Once again he made the perfect song choice, as did

Chris, who wasn't as impressive as last week but was still on top of the heap. I loved when Chris admitted that he used to have Ryan Seacrest-style hair but shaved it all off when he started going bald. The shrieking you heard was Ryan falling off the stage after facing his worst nightmare.

Kevin mentioned his love for Kanye West and then went on to perform one of the blandest, most milquetoast '70s songs ever created. Way to prove your street cred, Chicken Little. I always hum "Vincent" when I think of Kanye doesn't everyone? Bucky remained in his country-song safety zone with an OK but unmemorable "Wave on Wave." Maybe he should exploit the twin shtick more by having Rocky onstage with him more often. On second thought: no, please don't.

After listening to the backstory about his hearing loss, I understood why Elliott chose a Bryan Adams tune. Elliott has way too much soul in his voice to bother with a bland track like "Heaven." Will also suffered from poor song choice, with his so-so version of a James Taylor song. He finally got one positive note from a judge, but unfortunately the judge was Paula Abdul.

Then came the Easter Bunny. No, it was Michael McDonald. Oh, never mind, I noticed the already overplayed lean-back-and-grin movement. That meant it was time for Idol's very own Gray Charles aka Taylor Hicks. Though the Doobie Brothers song was performed flawlessly, I just couldn't look at the spastic-windmill "dancing." I loved Paula saying she was going to steal Taylor's insane moves. Of course she will... next time she empties whatever is in that little red coke cup in front of her. As for Ace, if you look like you are working at falsetto notes, it means they are not good. Philip Bailey makes it look smooth and easy you did not. But the lingering camera gaze will take Ace very, very far. I'd say Bucky, Will and Kevin are now in the Kenny Loggins "danger zone."