Naveen Andrews, <EM>Lost</EM> Naveen Andrews, Lost
American Idol As contestants faced the dreaded "chair" and were whittled down to 24,

Ryan Seacrest reminded us that "

American Idol is the quickest route to stardom." Clearly he hasn't spoken to Justin Guarini lately. Several people I don't remember were cut quickly, and then Katharine McPhee got so excited about making it through that she kissed all three judges on the lips! Eugenia's hysterics about her life being over at age 26 shocked the judges  because if life ended at 26, that would make them, well, dead. With her fantastic voice, it was obvious that Mandisa would make it through, but I loved her getting an actual apology out of Simon Cowell and making him feel "1 millimeter tall." Good for her, now she can make fun of his, um, size. Chris Daughtry getting stuck in the elevator for six minutes? I smell producer-inspired shenanigans to dredge up drama from one of the few even-keeled wannabes. We mercifully heard little from the mouthy Brittenum twins, since they were both disqualified for doin' a bit of jail time. Maybe Derrell was forced to steal someone's spirit, 'cause his was, you know, broken. Now it falls to Brenna to provide nasty commentary about her fellow competitors. Taylor Hicks' "dead man walking" bit on the harmonica was funny, and it was cool to see Simon proven wrong once again. It was also a great night for 16-year-olds, as Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker and William "Don't Call Me Kevin Arnold" Makar were all given a thumbs-up. And just when I was happy for most of the singers moving on, they were forced to bust a move, which proved to be a painfully embarrassing spectacle. Some of the girls passed muster, but the boys? Oh, the humanity! Those guys were so bad at dancing, I almost missed Carrie Underwood's robotic hips almost. Ken McGilvray

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