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American Idol
Bo Bice sounded a bit hoarse on his single "The Real Thing," probably from new-daddy lack of sleep. I do miss Bo, but he's lucky Simon Cowell

wasn't judging that one. It's not surprising that Kinnik and Will had the lowest number of votes  neither one had a good night this week. And they haven't exactly gotten much love from the judges. While America has heard every detail of Kellie Pickler's lunch orders and knows everything about Taylor but his ring size, Kinnik and Will were the very last of the top 24 picked and we've barely heard a word about them since. Both were total class acts in their farewell speeches, and they finally got to hear the words "I like you" from Simon. Kellie, Katharine, Mandisa, Paris and Lisa all made the top 12, leaving Melissa and Ayla for possible elimination. Then Ryan Seacrest channeled Heidi Klum and said, "one of you is in and one is out." And Ayla is out. Wow, she's always so poised, her downpour of tears was unexpected. Sometimes it's easy to forget that some of these contestants are just kids. Well, unless one of them stands next to Grandpa Taylor  then even Simon Cowell might look like a youngster. The allegedly lawbreaking Brittenum twins are in the house... just not the big house. On the guy's side, Gedeon had the second-lowest number of votes, which was surprising because he's been consistently good. Once again the departing singers were serenaded with "Had a Bad Day." I'm eagerly awaiting the Paula Abdul montage set to "Had a Bad Hair Day." The theme for next week is Stevie Wonder? No! Please, someone tell me this is a joke... a cruel, malicious, Idol prank. I'm taking this personally, as I've begged the contestants to leave Stevie alone. Will Kevin attempt "Superstition"? Or maybe "Part-time Lover"? And I can already picture Taylor with beads strung into his gray hair.