American Idol
I have to agree with Simon Cowell: Any of "that lot" could have been in the bottom three, as this performance night was one of the worst in the history of the show. Before we got to the big buh-bye, the wannabes headed off to the premiere of

Ice Age 2. Seems like the perfect activity for Kevin "Chicken Little" Covais, but he missed it by a week. Then it was time for a photo shoot, where Lisa called them one "big, happy family." Well, not for long. Shakira and Wyclef brought out the intense energy I swear, Shakira's hips moved more during the first 10 seconds of the song than Bucky, Lisa, Ace, Kellie and Chris' whole bodies have during the entire competition. Wyclef cracked me up when he got all up in Simon's face. While Katharine hitting the bottom three was a surprise, Ace's and Lisa's declines were not. It was as if they just stuck all the pretty people on the seal at once. I totally commend Lisa's poise during her send-off. While Katharine just looked annoyed and Ace wore his deer-in-the-headlights face, Idol's youngest contestant held it together with true maturity and grace. Paris, you might want to save your crocodile tears for your turn in the bottom three. So, not only is next week the dreaded country theme (aka "keep Bucky around another week"), I had the misfortune of seeing scandal-plagued second-season cast-off Corey Clark lurking around Hollywood Boulevard hawking autographs. Seriously, could things get any worse than that? I'm the one who "had a bad day."  Ken McGilvray

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