There is really only one question plaguing American Horror Story fans this season: Where the $@!# is Evan Peters?!

Well, my friends, I have a new theory that could explain everything.

In "Chapter 4," Dr. Elias Cunningham (Denis O'Hare) explained that the farmhouse was built by Dandy Mott's (Finn Wittrock) ancestor Edward Philippe Mott in 1792. And while the episode gave us an in-depth history of the farmhouse, of all the previous victims mentioned, Edward Philippe Mott was the only one who wasn't shown onscreen.

There have long been rumors that Peters is playing an ancestor of Dandy's, so many fans are taking the information revealed (and not revealed) in "Chapter 4" as confirmation that he'll be playing Edward. However, there's also the chance of this rumor being true, but with Peters playing a completely different - and far more interesting — character.

As Cricket recalled, the only thing Lady Gaga's Wood Witch really needs is sex, which is why she's currently so determined to sleep with Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.). And this is a woman who's been around for centuries, so we doubt this is the first time she's seduced some hapless human man.

The true star of American Horror Story: Roanoke is Sarah Paulson's hair

But these sexual escapades likely serve a much larger purpose than simply satisfying the Wood Witch's erotic desires...

We know that during the Dying Grass Moon, the spirits are able to end life, so it's possible that during this same six-day-period, the spirits can create life as well. So what if the reason we haven't seen Edward's ghost is because he wasn't murdered by the Butcher (Kathy Bates), but instead was seduced by the Wood Witch?

And if she slept with Edward during the Dying Grass Moon, the Wood Witch conceivably could have become pregnant with his child, who could now be played by Evan Peters.

Think I'm crazy? That's fine. This entire show is crazy! And there is real evidence to back this theory up, such as the fact that Peters confirmed he dyed his hair red for Roanoke. Know who else has red hair? The Wood Witch!

As the spawn of an unholy union between man and ancient, forest-dwelling, murderous witch, this child could also be the catalyst for the Mott family's evil tendencies (and their ginger genes, which are evident in Dandy's mother Gloria).

This season began with Shelby (Sarah Paulson) having a miscarriage, so it's only a matter of time before the theme of pregnancy comes up again. And what better way than to reveal that the Wood Witch has been siring children during the same bloody week that the Butcher goes around killing everyone? It's the circle of life, baby!

Plus, the show has already hinted that the Wood Witch might have an extended brood. In "Chapter 3," Shelby, Matt and Lee (Angela Bassett) discovered the two feral boys suckling on a sow. And do you know what color their hair was?

You guessed it, red!

In most shows, it would be ludicrous to think all redheads are related. But American Horror Story isn't most shows. And since the local hillbillies are clearly in-the-know as to some of what goes down on this haunted land, it would make sense that the Wood Witch has sired a few kids with them over the years.

Does this mean we'll soon see Peters suckling on a pig? God, I hope not. Nor does this theory rule out the popular idea that Peters is playing Piggy Man. There's definitely a huge connection between the Wood Witch's followers and pigs, so there's no reason Dandy Mott's ancestor couldn't also be the crazed murderous ghost wearing a decapitated pig's head as a mask.

Anything goes in American Horror Story, but with the impending twist only a few weeks away, everything we know right now might prove to be irrelevant anyways. So, who do you think Evan Peters is playing?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.