American Horror Story: Hotel has more than enough mysteries to fill the halls of The Cortez, and it might finally explain one of Murder House's biggest secrets: the Infantata.

Earlier this month, Lady Gaga was spotted filming outside the haunted house from Season 1 with a visible baby bump. The scenes appear to be set in 1926, based on the Countess' outfit and the 1926 license plate on a taxi parked outside the Murder House.

The real-life inspirations behind American Horror Story: Hotel

So why would a pregnant woman have been going to the Murder House in that year? In 1925, the same year that Mr. March (seemingly The Countess' husband at the time) began building the Hotel Cortez, current Murder House residents Charles (Matt Ross) and Nora Montgomery (Lily Rabe) started performing illegal abortions in their basement. A year later, Charles resurrected his dismembered son, Thaddeus, thus creating the bloodthirsty immortal, the Infantata.

It stands to reason that if The Countess had already been turned by the time she visited the Montgomerys', her blood could have been mixed in (whether accidentally or on purpose) with Thaddeus', thus infecting the infant with The Countess' virus.

However, if The Countess didn't elect to abort her child in 1926, the baby might still have a strong connection to Murder House. If the baby was The Countess' child with Mr. March (Evan Peters), it's possible the pair are the grandparents of Tate (also played by Peters). With a serial killer and bloodsucker for ancestors, it could explain Tate's murderous proclivities and why his child with Vivien, Michael Langdon, is prophesied to be the Antichrist.

How do you think Hotel is connected to Murder House?

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