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While the special effects and makeup departments are working overtime to create the titular freaks of American Horror Story, the real unsung hero of Freak Show is Jessica Lange's wardrobe. The pantsuits! The hats! The robes! Each piece is so desperately outré that before Elsa even takes the stage, you know this is a woman clinging to whatever attention and power she can get.

So move over Marlene Dietrich. Check out every painfully glamorous outfit Lange has worn on AHS: Freak Show so far:

TV transformations: The beauties behind the beasts

1. From her very first appearance onscreen, Lange became the style icon of the century with this homage to Cruella de Vil.

2. Who would you rather: Nurse Ratched or Elsa?

3. After being upstaged by the Dalmatian cape, we're grateful this hat is finally given its due.

4. Stage mother chic. You can practically smell the menthols from here.

5. She looks like an extra from The Talented Mr. Ripley — and I mean that as the highest compliment.

6. This is the only thing one should wear to get manicures from now on.

7. Even her "getting ready" outfit is better than your going out outfit.

8. The definition of iconic.

9. Meet Sad Clown Jessica Lange. Why is she a sad clown? Who knows. Just accept it.

10. Prosthetics or no, Elsa is so fabulous we wouldn't be surprised if her tears turned into diamonds.

11. It was smart of Elsa to wear something so understated to allow her bitch face to really shine.

12. Elsa, once again, kills it when it comes to manicure attire.

13. We wouldn't be surprised if Elsa murdered all the animals herself to make these clothes.

14. It's hard to look threatening in a pink ombre robe and canary nightgown. And yet...

AHS: Freak Show airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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