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Just us, or did Rubber Man put on some pounds? Tate, is that you in there?

American Horror Story's Connie Britton on the big shocker of "Birth" and what's ahead

We at can't wait for next week's American Horror Story finale — Christmas comes early! — and in snooping around, we've stumbled across these rather spoilery photos of this season's clincher.

What will happen now that Vivien's joined the ghosts trapped in the house? Will she get her babies back? Is Violet really over Tate? Is Ben going to shoot himself to get his family back?

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Let's head to the photographic evidence and try to piece it together:

In this photo, the most startling of the bunch, Vivien and Tate's little guy looks, well, all grown up! (He has to be Tate's, right?) Does the episode leap forward in time? Or did Constance feed the kid the juice? Also, why does he look disturbingly angelic? Isn't he supposed to be the Antichrist? Is this strike two for Billie Dean (because that Croatoan spell sure didn't get rid of Chad!)?

Wait, which baby is this one? Is it the one Constance nabbed? Or the one Nora took for herself? Is this a shot of Vivien and Moira, triumphant after they've vanquished Constance? Have they agreed that the men in the house are all useless?

Looks like reconciliation is in the air. Has Vivien become more forgiving in the afterlife? Is Ben actually dead in this shot? What's on the iPad? Is she explaining that she's a ghost? Is this the moment after Vivien has finished off Hayden and she's breaking it to Ben?

So yeah, we don't think this is Tate — unless it is! If it is, is he going to go after Violet to, um, ask if she likes the outfit? Or is he going to take out his heartache on mother dearest? Or, if it's not Tate, who's in the gimp suit?

Is this the moment Ben decides to end it all? Or is he thinking about going after someone else? What kind of revenge could he even exact anyway — everyone's dead! Well, Constance isn't...

Leave all your theories below, and let's discuss! And in case you missed it, here's the preview for next week: