American Horror Story has done a lot of crazy, unpredictable things over the years, but Wednesday's cliffhanger probably has them all beat.

First, to catch you up if you didn't watch Apocalypse's second episode: The world has been destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. A small group of survivors are living in a shelter under the rule of the sadistic Ms. Venable (Sarah Paulson) and her right-hand woman Ms. Mead (Kathy Bates). The Antichrist (Cody Fern) has shown up and will interview everyone to determine who will be granted access to a new sanctuary. But when two residents are caught breaking Venable's no sex rule, Mead is sent to kill them. However, before she can do the deed, the young man shoots Mead and she runs away only to reveal.... She's a robot? Or maybe an alien? Or possibly an ice cream machine?

I'm not joking. These are actual conversations happening right now because the end of the episode was SO UNCLEAR. All we know is that:

1. There were wires.
2. She appeared to be bleeding milk and/or melted ice cream.

Understandably, the fandom is extremely confused — which is no easy feat. American Horror Story viewers are used to expecting the unexpected and building theories around even the most convoluted, far-out ideas. But this -- this has some people genuinely stumped. Because in a universe built around the supernatural, it seems so off-putting to suddenly introduce what appears to be a robot. Aliens at least have some of the mythical quality as demons and ghosts. But robots? They're the opposite of inexplicable and mysterious. By their very nature, robots are rational and logic-based beings who originate from human hands. They just seem so... clinical, at least when compared to the Antichrist and a sexed-up specter in a latex rubber suit.

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Of course, maybe Mead will turn out to be some alien-robo hybrid, or even the head of her Coven character attached to a robot body. Or, hell, maybe she really is just an ice cream machine. Everything is possible right now, so let's just ride this amazing Twitter wave of reactions and theories for as long as it lasts.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.