The Amazing Race
And so the leg continued taking our merry teams into Wyoming and Montana. Did I say merry? My bad  I meant grumpy. Is it so wrong to want to watch a show with people who actually like each other? Just because you're related doesn't mean you'll get along, as evidenced by the

Godlewski gals. First, is

Chris adopted? She's so unlike her sisters that I wonder about their blood ties. Second, what is up with Michelle and Sharon Godlewski? Evil much? I feel for the cameraman assigned to their team but at least his tour of duty is up since the four sisters were last to greet "Phil Dog" the "Philinator" at the pit stop. How much you wanna bet the Linzes won't be greeting Phil that way next week? And what was with that Silence of the Lambs moment in the car? That was a little creepy. No wonder Megan wore a perpetual scowl this leg. Her brothers are nuts! Speaking of nuts, these producers are driving me in that direction hinting at what would be an interesting dramatic turn like, say, the Weavers running out of gas  only not to deliver. The detour gave me new appreciation for the pioneers. Imagine riding cross-country with giant spoke wheels on unpaved roads. Now that would have made for an interesting race and I think Papa Bransen would have felt more at home as well. That's not a crack on his age, he just seems like an old soul. Old or new, the Bransens are kicking butt with yet another first-place win and a new car as an added prize. What was it again? I didn't catch the name amidst all of that product placement custom Buick Lucerne golf carts, real subtle. Now they've got me doing it. Next I'll be mentioning BP  you know, the sponsor with those really clean gas stations....