The Amazing Race: Family Edition
The Family Edition of the

Amazing Race may actually have redeemed itself with its finale, which in my estimation was the most entertaining episode of the season.

Ted, the Christian taxi driver: He chauffeured the Weavers around Montreal (cleanest city ever). It's not as if the Weavers weren't in love with him already. They filled the cab with effusive iterations of their admiration: "Ted, you rock! You're the man." But to find that he shared their faith and also had a penchant for navigational prayer when he uttered, "I pray to God that this is the American Pavilion," had me pretty convinced that the divine had intervened and the race was theirs to lose. Turns out it was and they did.

Linda Weaver's pearl of wisdom: "Always take the left  the right is most common." Nonsensical, yes. Helpful, no. After enjoying phenomenal good luck during the leg, this syllogism was of no use at all to the Weavers in finding the entrance to the Olympic stadium. 'Twas the beginning of their end.

Editing faux pas? Is it me or were we twice treated to Phil's Montreal route-map exposition? Underground City, CDC yeah, yeah, I'd heard that once before.

Detours, roadblocks: Those Weavers trot Rolly out for every task, don't they, especially those involving effort or a degree of danger: Climbing the rigging, swinging on a trapeze or finding tickets in the stadium. They ought to thank god for him. That aside, the Cinderella's-shoe detour made me uncomfortable (too many bare feet in so few shoes) and no offense to my neighbors to the north, but curling is a weird sport.

Daisy Dukes: Does anyone else think Rebecca's and Rachel's shorts could have walked themselves across the finish line?

Geography: What a great idea to have teams assemble a giant jigsaw map of Central and North America as the final roadblock. Though I would have loved to see Linda apply her geography knowledge to this task, I wasn't disappointed with the nerve-racking turtle/hare face-off between Wally and Nick. The subsequent footrace to the finish line had me on my seat's edge all the way to the Linzes' win. Who knew that it would only take a million-dollar win to reveal the mature, respectful and thoughtful side to their nature?

Put the kids to bed: Next season's previews have my beloved race back on track with the regular two-person teams and, get this, a race around the world. Can't wait.