The Amazing Race: Family Edition
I wonder why this week's show was a two-hour special? Maybe because we're down to five teams and we're officially at the halfway point? At least now the producers feel we can handle some more individual names. Hi Wally, hi

Sharon, hi Rolly. OK that's all I know for now. Back to the all-encompassing family names. We got a double-dose of the nasty side of the Weavers. Who do those kids think they are to shun the soothing words of the good-natured Godlewskis at the racetrack? I mean, Mama Weaver asked for compassion as she suited up. Why did her kids rebuff it? Whatever. I liked how the race gave us a real pit stop at 25 laps and then sent teams onto the first of two show pit stops. By the end of the first hour, teams were back in America and the Godlewskis were in the lead. The Bransens came in last but were saved by a nonelimination round and the Weavers had a breakdown on the mat where they whined to Phil about other teams not liking them. Hour Two took teams to Mesa, Arizona, where they had to fly a loop in fighter planes, which looked like a lot of fun, and the littlest Paolo got to do a task. Again, the Godlewskis were first on the mat but this time the Paolos were last to arrive at the pit stop and were sent packing. Now who will supply the show's funniest one-liners? I guess we'll have to make do with the Linzes' bathroom humor. By the way, anyone else think they'll be one of the final three teams standing?