The Amazing Race: Family Edition
To be continued Does this race seem like it's just not ending? Teams traveled across Utah from Salt Lake City to meet up with Phil

in Wyoming, where he told them that there was no pit stop and they were still racing. The Weavers couldn't have said it better. "How long is this leg?" That's what I'd like to know. Except for the hot-air-balloon ride, this leg wasn't a lot of fun. Even seeing Old Faithful blow wasn't all that inspiring because teams just wanted to get out of there. Working on the railroad really looks like a sucky job. Coal and iron ties, not my cup of java, but it's well worth a million bucks I guess. Back to the balloons. Maybe I've been watching too many nature shows or I've seen Finding Nemo one too many times, but when the two teams nearly collided, I couldn't help but think of jellyfish gliding past each other in the ocean, beautiful yet deadly. Then the Weavers' crash landing jolted me back to reality television, which quite frankly is getting harder and harder to watch. The animosity between these teams and within the teams is out of control. Poor Christine Godlewski. She's like Cinderella getting all abused by her sisters. I'm surprised they didn't make her shovel the coal just to be mean to her. I wonder if they let her sleep in the camper or if they lock her outside, too? See how easily manipulated I am by the show's editing? It's understandable that as we get closer to the final pit stop, the competition is getting fiercer, but there is definitely no love lost between the Weavers and the other teams. At least everybody is honest with each other. "Are you sorry you wasted your yield?" the Weavers asked, to which Megan Linz replied, "Hell no!" Alrighty then. We'll continue this next week, when we hopefully won't have another nonelimination round.