The Amazing Race If I didn't already have my own cute hippie boy, I'd so be after my new crushes, B.J. and Tyler

. I loved the way they jumped out of the bushes to surprise people while waiting for the zip line to open. Should I know what "TTOW" means, or is that an inside joke? Later, they stopped for a moment to actually admire the cathedral after they'd found the clue. What? You mean you can enjoy the scenery while traveling the world? I'll tell you who's enjoying something a little more than scenery: young foursome Eric, Jeremy, Dani and Danielle. The two teams are even going so far as to help each other out; though, if the guys had waited for the Pinks to retrieve their forgotten bag, it would have been a sure sign that they'd started to think with the wrong organs. The other traveling foursome, Monica-Joseph and Lori-Dave, are all so nice to each other, I can't even believe they're really couples. As much as I hate Lake and Michelle for their xenophobic and chauvinistic wretchedness ("I was hoping we wouldn't have to go to Russia"), I have to admit that under that kind of stress, my cute hippie boy and I would probably drop the "Good job, babe" act right quick. The weakness of the Fran-Barry and Wanda-Desiree teams seems to be that they feed off of their partner's pessimism. Fear is an interesting thing: Wanda jumped off that high dive rather quickly, but the second she stopped to think about diving to get the clue, she panicked. But speaking of overcoming fear, how much does Yolanda rule? The woman can't even swim, yet once they finally coaxed her to jump, she was such a champ, she didn't even bother to change before hopping in the cab. Phil hadn't mentioned anything about a pit stop in his narration, so it was easy to guess that something fishy was up at the mat. This is getting good!