Amazing. Ambitious. Agrestic. How else shall we look at the jaw-dropping wrap-up of our glorious season of Weeds? Besides the many shockers, we were also blessed with fantastic dialogue:
Andy: They want to send me to Iraq, Lupita.
Lupita: Bye.

Yes, boys and girls, since being busted for possession, "Off the Grid Andy" has become "On the Record Andy" and must serve in the Army (he drunkenly registered with the Army Reserves before his Agrestic days).  We are left with the hysterical, over-the-top chat between Andy and Doug (Kevin Nealon) where they attempt to solve Andy's problem by challenging each other Andy's leftist politics versus Doug's mind-numbing, mainstream consciousness.
Doug: They (Iraq) had weapons of mass destruction.
Andy: There were no weapons of mass destruction.
Doug: Really? Well, whatever.
Whatever indeed. Andy, may the Force be with you as you soldier on and battle "the corporate takeover of our democracy."

Moving on to my favorite mood disorder, Celia has recovered well and come around full circle. Now that she's not dying, she is brittler than ever and again focused on her daughter's weight. And regarding her daughter's newly discovered sapphic tendencies, she imparts this wisdom: "You cannot become a lesbian just because you don't want to lose weight." Apparently, the only woman allowed in her life besides mom is Jenny Craig.

The topper of this shockfest had to be Nancy and Conrad going behind Heylia's back to embark on a new business. And why do they go over her head? Because they were forbidden from interacting (turns out Conrad was behind the security-guard/weed-recovery plot). Fuming, Heylia tells her son that if she even sees him looking at a white woman on television, "I will freeze you out so cold you'll have to carry your ass to the North Pole to defrost." But Nancy loves trouble all the same. Not only does she begin this new venture with Conrad, but she beds down with the DEA. Literally.