Alyssa Milano by Araya Diaz/ Alyssa Milano by Araya Diaz/

Both Alyssa Milano and Nathan Fillion (currently on Desperate Housewives) are in talks to star in pilots for ABC, respectively an untitled comedy and the drama Castle, says the Reporter.

The untitled laffer centers on a thirtysomething woman - possibly Milano's role - who tries to get out from the choke hold of her dysfunctional family, friends and boss. (Is moving to Hawaii an option?) Fillion, meanwhile, is eyeing Castles, which concerns a mystery novelist who helps the NYPD solve crimes.

Are you Charmed enough by Alyssa to want to see her as a series star? Would you watch Fillion move from Wisteria Lane to the Big Apple? It might just happen. - Anna Dimond