If Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) lived his blue-collar, everyman existence in the real Queens, N.Y., and indeed worked for a parcel delivery service, we venture to guess that his life would have changed somewhat since Sept. 11. However, The King of Queens takes its comedy seriously, says co-creator and executive producer Michael Weithorn, and as a result, won't be tackling terrorism-related plots anytime soon.

"I always feel like for most comedy shows, there's an unspoken contract with the audience that this is a nicer world in a lot of ways than the [one] we live in," Weithorn says. "Even though a show may be based in reality in terms of the dynamics of the relationships, there are certain things that just don't happen in this universe."

"Really horrific things that have no comedic side or angle to them," he adds, "just aren't part of it."

So, while Carrie (Leah Remini) can suffer a miscarriage in the hit sitcom's alternate, escapist world, Doug won't have to wear rubber gloves while delivering suspicious packages. "I don't think people are looking for that [on Queens]," ventures the exec. "If somebody were looking for that, they'd be watching CNN and not a comedy lineup."