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She's the real-life inspiration for CBS' Medium, but not even psychic Allison DuBois could have predicted how badly things would go when she appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on December 16. What was supposed to be a peace-making meal put on by pal Camille Grammer (they met via Camille's ex Kelsey, who's an executive producer on Medium) turned in to a nightmare, with predictions that Kyle Richards' marriage would end and everybody screaming at each other. DuBois dishes on the dinner table dust-up.

TV Guide Magazine: Why did you appear on the show?
DuBois: Camille and Kelsey asked me to be there for Camille. She was feeling bullied and having trouble sleeping and eating. And so I obliged.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you surprised at how the episode was edited?
DuBois: I went on as a dinner guest, not to be a central character. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I thought I'd be a five-minute segment. They made it look like Camille and I were the aggressors. They edited out Faye [Resnick]'s attacks and they minimized Kyle's role. I made a very big effort to be nice and engage these women, and it's easy to see they were rude and dismissive of my presence.

TV Guide Magazine: Who do you think was most at fault?
DuBois: I think [Kyle and Faye] were a tag team. And it was a four-hour dinner. I don't have four-hour dinners with people I like. That's a long time. I wanted to leave half way through, but I thought if I left Camille would get it worse, she would be the focal point. So I stayed. I'm getting a lot of emails saying, 'You're a great friend, I wish I had a best friend like you.' I'm very loyal to the people I love.

TV Guide Magazine: What other reactions have you gotten?
DuBois: I'm celebrated by one group and chastised by the people who put me on a pedestal. So I appreciate fans watching [Medium] for seven seasons and loving the show, but I would hope a four-hour dinner wouldn't change their minds.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you annoyed this happened just as Medium is ending [the series' final episode is January 21]?
DuBois: Yeah, I'm not happy with the timing, obviously, since we filmed last May. Those producers are not stupid. They had someone from network TV as a dinner guest and they used it to their advantage. I will not be on any future episodes of The Real Housewives.

TV Guide Magazine: How are things with you and Camille now?
DuBois: She has apologized so many times that it's hard to even be upset. I'm not happy with the editing, but she wasn't in charge of that. Do I wish I wasn't asked? Yeah, I would never do it again.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you foresee the end of Camille's marriage?
DuBois: Even people who do what I do, who can see what happens, we don't really want to see it. And so that's not something I was even willing to acknowledge until she told me. But I have not talked to [Kelsey] since it came out about the girlfriend. I had just been to a birthday party for Camille less than year before; it was a '70s disco. It was very cool, and he told her he adored her and was very affectionate and very doting on her. So, yeah, completely mind blowing. I wish women watching the show that see the glamour and life of leisure understand that Camille has had her heart broken. Any woman scorned or hurt by somebody should be rallying around her and understand, whether you have money or not, it still hurts. I was really surprised to see people siding with Kyle more than the one being attacked. They make it look like mutual combat but it's not.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you think Camille will do another season of the show?
DuBois: She said she wasn't going to, but then there's a contract issue. I think she is the most valuable person they have on that show and they're going to try and hold on to her. Obviously they tell her, you'll look better, we'll repair your image. How do you trust that?

TV Guide Magazine: Do you think the other women are accurately portrayed?
DuBois: Camille and I lovingly call them the Beverly Hills Bullies. Kyle, she was on the offensive from the get go. She wasn't smiling. She seems pretty tightly wound, I think that's how she is in life. Taylor was not friendly to me and did not talk to Camille most of the night. Adrienne was personable. Kim seemed nice but was quiet till the end when it blew up. I didn't talk to Lisa much.

TV Guide Magazine: What do you have coming up next?
DuBois: I'm working on a new show. We've done the presentation reel and we're getting ready to do the pilot. You'll be seeing more of my life and me working cold cases, so you get to see me do it first hand instead of through Patricia [Arquette]. And I just finished my fourth book and I'm touring for that.

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