Rebecca Budig and Josh Duhamel Rebecca Budig and Josh Duhamel

Sadly, All My Children's Leo du Pres was not one of the lucky, formerly-late Pine Valley citizens resurrected by David Heyward in recent weeks. Instead, Josh Duhamel returned as Leo for a single episode this month, appearing to Greenlee in an all-too-brief dream in which she imagined he'd been saved by David and hidden away all these years.

At least there was smooching before she woke up though, right? Still, it's not exactly what Rebecca Budig had in mind. Last week on location at the Descanso Gardens, Budig, who joined the soap as Greenlee in 1999, told that she had envisioned a different "ever after" for her character as All My Children prepares to go off the air next month.

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"You know how I wanted Leo to come back? I wanted him to be my ending," Budig said. "Taking nothing away from Ryan (Cameron Mathison), but I wanted Leo and Greenlee to go through this whole thing. I wanted to be struggling because I find out he's alive, and when I find him, he's struggling because I'm the love of his life."

"In the end, I wanted them to go off together," Budig continued. "The audience doesn't know what's going to happen to them, we just see them going away." Instead, of course, Greenlee woke up to find Zach (Thorsten Kaye), still alive after going down in a plane crash several months ago.

"It was a little bizarre. I was thrilled to work with Josh again, but it was sort of a tease, too," she said.

Budig has only three days left of filming before Greenlee's story is wrapped for good. (No one in the cast has yet signed on to a Web version of the show, slated to launch next year.) Asked about her favorite Greenlee moments, she doesn't hesitate: "The bathtub scenes with Leo. Those were fun, good scenes," she said. Her favorite scene ever is also one she shared with Duhamel.

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"Leo and Greenlee in the wine cellar," she said. "We're at some party and I'm trying to get to Ryan, because Greenlee was obsessed with him, and Leo comes down instead and we get locked in. I'm furious, and he's pissed to be stuck in there, but we proceed to open up the wine and get drunk. It was so funny."

"I had something special with Josh that I've never had with anyone," Budig said. "It just felt really real and authentic and that's hard to come by. I do feel that with Cameron, too, though. I don't know — I got lucky."

Check out vintage Leo and Greenlee, first in the bathtub (starts at 3:15, but the lead-up is pretty funny), and then in the wine cellar:

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