Did Alexander Skarsgard just drop the most shocking spoiler ever about the upcoming second season of Big Little Lies?

Well... considering the actor's well-established history of trolling the show's fans for funzies, probably not. But let's just roll with it: On the pre-show red carpet at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, the star of the HBO miniseries (which is one of tonight's more controversial nominees thanks to questions about which category it truly belongs in) confessed that he wasn't sure what's in store for its second season — which isn't a surprise on its own, since (additional spoiler) his loathed abusive character, Perry, died in Season 1.

But according to Skarsgard, the real mystery centers on whether Perry might make a surprise comeback when the show returns. In an interview with NBC's Chanel before the Golden Globes ceremony, Skarsgard quipped, "I don't even know if I'm really dead or not."

Admittedly, bringing Perry back from the dead would be an unlikely move for the HBO series — and Skarsgard is already nominated for a Golden Globe for his Season 1 performance, leaving him little room to improve. On the upside, this is only the second most terrible idea the actor has had for a Season 2 plotline, so maybe he'll worm his way into the writer's room?

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