Alec Baldwin by M. Phillips/ Alec Baldwin by M. Phillips/
30 Rock 's Jack Donaghy may seem to care more about climbing the corporate ladder than public issues, but his real-life alter-ego, Alec Baldwin, is a different story. The actor is speaking out against NYC Mayor Bloomberg's homelessness policies in a new public service announcement from the Coalition for the Homeless. The group's accusing the mayor of lagging on a 2004 promise to significantly reduce homelessness in the city. Per the

AP, the PSA features images of people on urban streets as Baldwin relates statistics on New York's homeless numbers in a voice-over. Baldwin, who's frequently vocal about politics, is the most recent celeb to speak out on an issue he cares about it. Do you think celebrity PSAs and outreach are effective? Or does celebrity awareness-raising generally fall flat? - Anna Dimond Use our Online Video Guide to see Jack Donaghy in his corporate surroundings.