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Alec Baldwin Returns to Saturday Night Live to Take on Trump and Argentina

"Oh honey, it's you"

Amanda Bell

Alec Baldwin was back on Saturday Night Live this week after an extended absence from the show that seemed to stem from the issues surrounding his arrest for allegedly assaulting a man during a dispute in a parking lot in early November.

The actor appeared in the cold open to lampoon Donald Trump's very, um, eventful week, and he touched on his own legal conundrum of late by joking, "I haven't been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space."

Compared to the bevy of problematic issues facing the POTUS right now, though, Baldwin's charge seems pretty tame.

With an assist from Kate McKinnon as Trump's oft-televised attorney Rudy Giuliani, BaldwinTrump lamented his hard week, attending the G20 summit in Argentina amid an onslaught of damaging developments in Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Ben Stiller also joined to reprise his role as Trump's former attorney-slash-"fixer," Michael Cohen, who has now become a cooperating witness as part of his plea deal for lying to investigators on Trump's behalf, while Beck Bennett and Fred Armisen came along as Vladimir Putin and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to talk about their all too happy handshake seen 'round the world.

"Well, wow, who knows what tomorrow will bring," NotTrump notes after being told by FauxPutin that he "prefer[s] presidents who don't get indicted." The segment closes with a revised group version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" that couldn't be more timely.

The same set of news items also made it into "Weekend Update," with Colin Jost and Michael Che. "This week Americans were hit with the stunning revelation that their president may have possibly lied to them," Jost joked. "Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen -- who I believe is the love child of Cellino and Barnes -- testified in court that Donald Trump continued to work on a deal to build a Trump tower in Moscow well into his presidential campaign. Trump defended himself by saying the deal was, quote, 'very legal and very cool,' which sounds like a Craigslist ad for Russian prostitutes."

Che added, "Trump attacked Michael Cohen for pleading guilty to lying to Congress, calling him a 'weak person' ... doesn't Donald Trump realize everyone he hires just ends up leaving him or getting fired or locked up? Oh, honey, it's you."

It only got more vicious from there.