Alec Baldwin by Kevin Mazur/ Alec Baldwin by Kevin Mazur/
Alec Baldwin may go from 30 Rock to

60 Minutes - at least that's what he thinks will happen if his career collapses. Speaking at the National Business Travelers Association luncheon last week, the Emmy nominee gave the 6,000-plus attendees a peculiar peek into his job prospects that left everyone dazed and confused, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Following funnyman Craig Ferguson on stage, Baldwin, reading from piles of papers instead of the TelePrompTer, launched into a head-scratching speech about getting fat and getting old. He told the audience the best place for a fat, old actor might be the age-defying 60 Minutes. The 50-year-old then pretended to audition for Andy Rooney's end-of-show spot with a segment on the difficulty of putting on socks. But it's not just Rooney's gig Baldwin covets. The actor conducted a Mike Wallace-style sit-down with Barbara, a 29-year-old audience member. "So, Barbara," Baldwin asked after some travel talk, "are you a member of the 'Mile-High Club?'" Blushing profusely, Barbara answered, "Yes" - and earned a standing ovation. - Joyce Eng