Mindy Kaling by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo Mindy Kaling by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo
Mindy Kaling, who brilliantly portrays boy-crazed, pop culture obsessed airhead Kelly Kapoor on NBC's The Office, will be traveling to Dunder Mifflin's hometown of Scranton, Penn. to officiate "The Office Games," on July 19. Scranton, besides hosting a day of events inspired by the show including a 2K race, a trivia challenge and beet eating contest, will also be the first city to offer the new

The Office DVD Board Game and a separate The Office Trivia Game. (Dear Santa, I know what I want for Christmas!). My inner Office fan saw this news and immediately looked up train fares to Scranton, PA. So did my outer Office fan - after all, I do wear a t-shirt featuring Jim's famous "stapler in yellow jell-O mold" around NYC. Some look confused, others high-five me. Would you go to "The Office Games" if you could? - Erin Fox Related " Amy Ryan Returns to Office " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More The Office