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Ah, blessed California and Proposition 215. Thanks to this bit of legislation, and the guidance of her accountant, Doug, Nancy discovers medical marijuana. And the Bodhi Sativa Caregivers Club is the Willy Wonka of weed. At first glance this "wonderland" is reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but instead of rows of candy bars and other chocolate confections, we get cookies, cakes and other baked goods. Nancy's glimpse into the legalized world of marijuana gives her a rude awakening, and an entrepreneurial clue. The club's high-quality herb is far superior to Nancy's subpar weed. Just figuring this out, Nancy demands better weed from her supplier. The visit also inspires her to embark on a baking binge, which winds up saving her the customer base she almost lost to the club.

Elsewhere in Agrestic, a chocolate demon is on the rise. No, actually, it's just Celia, dosing her chocolate-sneaking daughter with laxatives, thus causing the poor girl to have an accident. In school. But remember, Celia only does it because "this is America. It is cold and cruel out there for fat girls." Um, laying it on a bit thick, perhaps? The girl is not fat. She's not thin either, but that'll be the least of her problems if Celia continues on this course. But hey, karma returns the favor as her little girl also makes a switch from mom's laxatives to Imodium AD. Revenge is indeed sweeter than chocolate!